Why Georgia is a Must-see Destination?

With the Caucasus Mountains to the North, the Fascinating Black Sea located to the west and the deserts to the South. This small country is a crossroad of different cultures and many hidden mysteries.


With plenty to offer whatever your fancy, you can be sure that Georgia will most certainly provide. With a range of spectacular landscapes that will take your breath away, to pristine beaches to relax there’s no surprise that this small country is a hot tourist destination.


The Georgian capital lies on the banks of the Mtkvari river surrounded by towering mountains on all three sides.


The baths here follow the Persian traditions with only one small difference…the warm water rises naturally from the ground below which provides many health benefits as well as a jacuzzi type bath.

The birthplace of fine wine

For those who love to have a drink, you are in the right place to get Georgia holidays. Georgia has been producing wine in the ancient tradition of using clay vessels and fermenting grapes. With over hundreds of grape varieties, it’s no shock that Georgian wine is gaining recognition on a global scale.


Friendly locals

Nothing ruins a holiday more than to go to a foreign country for a holiday and have to deal with unfriendly locals. This isn’t the case with Georgia. The locals here love the company of new tourists and welcome them with open arms. In your Georgia tours, you would find many elderly people love sharing childhood tales and sharing tales of the history of the towns and cities.

You can be sure that your stay in Georgia will be a safe, friendly and truly unforgettable one. So, what`s stopping you?

Share Your New Life with the Ones You Love

One of the numerous wonderful things about the United Arab Emirates is the significant diversity it has, which makes people originating from far and different parts of the world feel right at home. Whatever nationality you belong to, wherever you were born, wherever you were raised, and wherever you have lived previously in your lifetime, we assure you that being in UAE will not be a difficult adaptation. Moreover, we bet you would not find any place where you would feel comfortable enough, more than you would in the Emirates.


The New People around You

One of the many reasons you will feel like you fit in once you visit Dubai is that you will find many foreigners in the UAE, to whom you can relate. You will meet people who emigrated from various countries, some with similar background stories as yours, and some may be from your own home country. Nothing gives you a sense of belonging, more than people to relate to, and who can relate to you in return. The best part about this is that you could learn from the stories you come across in the UAE.

Dubai Has Something Special for Filipinos

UAE is an amazing country, given lots of opportunities and chances to many nationalities. The Philippines is one of the countries for which the UAE has become exceptional in many ways. Thousands of Filipinos come to the country every single year by availing the UAE visa for Philippines. There are numbers of UAE visa packages for the Filipinos. They can avail the 30 days UAE visa to 90 days UAE visa for Philippines.


The Food

What many expats love about UAE is that wherever they are staying in the country, they are usually able to find restaurants offering the cuisine of their hometowns. Let’s face it, the best cure when feeling homesick is treating yourself to a dish that you used to love having with your family and friends back home.


After curing your homesickness, you can expose yourself to the huge range of different cuisines that you have never tried before. You are bound to find one or ten cuisines that you will never stop craving.

You Do Not Leave People Behind

While living in the UAE, you do not have to leave behind your family and friends in your home country. Apply for a UAE visit visa for them and invite them to share your new life with you. They can keep you company for however long they wish. Applying for a Dubai tourist visa will let them stay with you for some time between two weeks and up to a whole three months. The UAE visa process takes a few days and after that, it will be like you have changed your address without ever leaving home.


Perfect French & Swiss Phenomena

When travelers go on a Swiss tour package of a Paris tour package, they usually have everything planned. There is a specific itinerary with all the touristic spots scheduled for a visit. From towers to lakes, to castles, to museums. However, each country has at least one thing about it that makes it unique from any other destination. That thing may be an occurrence, or an event, something monumental enough to be a good enough reason to make people come from all over the world just for it. Something that, in order to really be experienced, people have to witness in person, rather than in photographs.



The Northern Lights, Switzerland

You have probably heard of the northern lights, or you have heard the term “Aurora”, as their official name is aurora borealis. Everyone knows that nothing ever witnessed in the sky is quite as magical as the northern lights. Ever just stared at a photo of the aurora on Google and just asked yourself, “How?!” Well, here is your answer. While a solar flare is happening, the sun releases charged particles. These particles then go through the magnetic shield surrounding the earth, and they hit the atoms in the atmosphere. As a result, countless tiny eruptions of light are produced, referred to as photons. All that makes up the Aurora! While in Switzerland, go up to Lake Constance or somewhere close to it to witness this magic.

Festival after Festival, France

In France, you get to celebrate anything you love in a great manner. Paris is known for holding festival after festival all year long. So whenever you are free to travel, look up any upcoming festivals or carnivals, you will surely find at least one celebrating something you are interested in. whether it is music, art, dance, food, sports, bicycles, colors, or anything else.

If it is music that you want to enjoy, there is a street music festival during the summer, referred to as La Fête de la Musique, and it takes place in June. It holds hundreds of diverse performances from many music genres. Also, it takes place all over the country, so wherever you make sure to walk up to one and give it a try.

If you enjoy films, theatre, and cinema, visit Paris during the famous Cannes Film Festival, the best of the best films, documentaries, biographies or any moving figure production are screened. There is a lot to enjoy and even more to learn there. Cannes is undoubtedly the best film festival in the world.


If you do not have enough time to go attend more than one festival you might want to visit in July to attend the Festival d’Avignon. This festival is complete France tours, offering you the best music, art, dance, theatre and cinematic performances.

A Two-Way Ticket to a New UAE Visa

The title explains it all. Anyone who has been to the United Arab Emirates would understand the urge of extending the tourist visa and not wanting to leave. We have all been there. In fact, many expats get homesick for the UAE when they leave it to visit other countries. You cannot help but feel at home in the UAE, and that is the reason why everyone loves it there.

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The sad fact is that if you have a valid UAE tourist visa, there is no way to extend your stay without exiting the country. That is regardless to the duration of your visa, whether it is a 14-days tourist visa, a 30-days tourist visa, or a 90-days tourist visa (which is the longest visa offered to tourists). Nevertheless, you do not need to make a whole trip back home and reapply from there in order to come back to the UAE. You can take the easy road, and apply for an airport to airport visa changeA to A, for short.

2 (2)

The A to A visa change is the simplest, easiest, and relatively cheapest visa change package that almost every nationality could apply for. This automatically makes it the most popular option among tourists in the Emirates.


The airport visa change is where you literally just book a two-way ticket and let the rest be handled by your travel agent. Within a couple of hours, during which you will be flying to a country that is nearby to the UAE and coming back, your new tourist visa will be applied, and all you have to do is sit in the airport until it is approved by the immigration authorities in the UAE.


When we say “sit” at the airport, we mean enjoy the free internet, read a few chapters of a good book, have coffee or a meal in the many cafes, or the food court, or roam around on a mini shopping spree. The airport part can be fun if you know how to spend it.

1 (5)

It does not get any easier than this, so make sure to consider the A to A the next time you feel sad about having to exit the UAE.

Azerbaijan Awaits You this Eid

The previously Soviet Republic that is now an independent country at the south side of the Caucasus Region, straddling the Eastern side of Europe and the Western side of Asia. Azerbaijan.

August is nearing by, and since we know of a definite holiday that you will be having then – Eid Al Adha Holiday – we think you might like the chance to escape the heat and your everyday surroundings. A Baku holiday package is just the perfect answer. Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and is by far the most famous and popular among tourists from all over the world.


Are you wondering what about Baku attracts the eyes and feet of so many travelers? Let us tell you.

Things to See

Baku holds so much diversity when it comes to architecture. If you are interested in the historical and cultural side of the city, be assured that there are enough spots to explore to fill your entire vacation. From palaces to mosques, to cathedrals and even temples. You might want to stop by the St. Myrrhbearers Cathedral, the Ateshgah Temple, or the Shirvanshah Palace. If you are interested in visiting mosques, you will find many around the city. After you are done with the monumental buildings, you might want to experience a bit of culture at two of the most famous museums in the city; those are the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, and the Azerbaijan National History Museum.


Baku is not only about the history, though. Being the main commercial city of the whole country, Baku is home to some luxurious and contemporary spots, including cafes, restaurants, marketplaces and shopping malls. Have you heard of the Flame Towers? Asides from being 3 eye-catchy skyscrapers, they are all covered in LED screens. Walk down the streets to explore the architecture that you probably will not be expecting. After all, when it comes to architecture Baku has been said to have vibes from both the cities Dubai and Paris.


Lay Low and Chill in the Heat

Since Eid is coming during a time of excessive heat, we suggest you do like Baku and lay low on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The city lies along the coastline, and so can you. Escape the heat, or rather make the most of it by kicking back with a refreshing drink, good music, and maybe some good company.


A holiday spent in Azerbaijan, filled with Baku tours could never disappoint.

Eid Al Adha in Armenia

The perfect holiday is the holiday that you will surely get, that is when the summer vacation coincides with the Eid Al Adha vacation. This way, if you do not have the summer free, you will surely at least get from four days to a week off. Moreover, the perfect holiday requires the perfect destination. We believe that Armenia makes for that perfect destination you are looking for.


Armenia was previously the Soviet Republic and is now an independent nation. Located within the Caucasus Mountains region, and surrounded by Georgia – another popular Eurasia destination- from the North, Turkey from the West, Iran from the south, and Azerbaijan from the east, Armenia has turned into a touristic destination over the years.

Getting There

You will not face any trouble in planning a trip to Armenia. Visa requirements are minimal, and in most cases, they do not exist. Accommodation, food, and getting around the country is extremely affordable. You could manage to customize a full Armenia holiday package or an Armenia eid package to be more specific, for a price ranging somewhere below 2000 Dirhams; that is including your flight ticket going there and coming back.

Things to Do – that You Cannot Do Elsewhere

The Divine Underground

Let us start with the capital city, Yerevan. One of the most interesting spots to visit there is the Divine Underground made by Levon Arakelyan. A man, whose wife asked him to build a potato cellar underneath their home. Within a bit over twenty years, Levon had dug an amazing series of caves right under their home. His strong will and dedication to his work enabled him to create this wonder with the use of mere hand tools.


Garni Gorge

A stunning river runs through the valley named Garni, which is located adjacent to a village holding the same name. Hiking or taking a car to the bottom of the gorge is an adventure within itself, as you will not be able to take a bus down there. Down there, you will find some beautiful upright cliffs, made primarily of columns that are made of basalt and are extremely well preserved.

Khor Virap Monastery

You have probably come across photos of Khor Virap, even if you have never personally been there. The ancient monastery is a huge tourist attraction. Do you want to learn an interesting fact about this famous pilgrimage site? The monastery has a pit inside, which was home to a saint for 13 whole years.


The Alphabet Monument

Years ago, specifically in the year 2005, Armenia held a celebration in the occasion of their own alphabet’s 1600th birthday. In tribute to the occasion, a gift of all the 39 Armenian letters, resembled in giant carved stones, were tactically placed nearby to the place where Mesrop Mashtots lies restfully. Mashtots was the creator of the Armenian alphabet.


These are only a few of the many reasons to visit this beautiful destination in Eurasia, so get a move on and start packing.

Top 5 things to see in Montenegro

If we look up any of 2017 list of the most visited destinations in the world, this miniscule south-eastern European country would be right up there. Montenegro might be small, but this amazing Balkan country has an immense array of natural and human-made wonders.

Located on the border with Croatia to its west, Bosnia, and Herzegovina to the North West, Kosovo to the east and Albania to the southeast there is much that the beautiful country has to offer.


With the beautiful, rugged snow-capped mountains that will leave you awe-struck, the medieval villages that take you back in time. The narrow strip of beaches along the Adriatic coastline that makes you want to do nothing but take in the sun and beauty of the area.

Here is a list of the 5 most amazing places to see in Montenegro to help you get the most out what this country has:


The Old City of Kotor is located along one of the world’s most beautiful bays, built between the 12th and 14th century. Its medieval old town’s Romanesque churches and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have made this ancient Kotor land on the UNESCO’s World Natural and Historical Heritage Site list.

The city is famous for its Roman culture and Cathedral like Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (Sveti Tripun). This ancient cathedral is at the center of one of the narrow squares of the city, and it’s a monument of Roman heritage and one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.


Christian heritage is all that this city has in it. Many churches which are part of the rich heritage of Kotor are as follows

  • The Church of Saint Luke (Sveti Luka) from the 13th century
  • Church of Saint Ana (Sveta Ana) from the 12th century
  • Church of Saint Mary (Sveta Marija) from the 13th century
  • Church of the Healing Mother of God (Gospe OD Zdravlja) from the 15th century
  • The Prince’s Palace from the 17th century
  • The Napoleon’s Theatre from the 19th century


The truly lovely 2500 years old town of Budva in Montenegro, on the edge of Adriatic Sea, is Part of the Budva Riviera. The buildings in the city are intersected by narrow streets and squares.

It’s famous for its sandy beaches and nightlife. What this city offers to the food lovers includes many pizzerias which also serve some excellent pasta and salads. Lots of cafes, bars, bakeries, and plenty of pancakes, pizzas, salads and fresh sandwiches and fish restaurants are there to attract.


You can never go hungry here with the place offering a large variety of foods from pizza to pasta to salad to pancakes. As well as having cafes that serve fresh sandwiches and meals there is also plenty of nightlife for those who love to make the most out of the night.


Cetinje is packed with heritage and culture. Only a short 30 min bus ride from Budva you can experience the historical architecture of the past with the monastery of St Peter of Cetinje, the bishop admired and credited with defending his country against the enemies.


The various museums such as the national museum, Blue palace make a great way of going back in time and understanding the heritage of the city.

Walking around the city makes it a great way of touring as well as being able to take in the heritage of the area at your own pace. So why not come and experience it for yourself.

Lovcen National Park

The rocky mountain of Lovcen is a must see when you are in Montenegro, this national park has a 1750M peak of Mt. Lovcen located on just 40 min ride from the Cetinje. The most important thing to visit this park is the Njegos Mausoleum placed on the second highest peak, Jezerski.\


If you drive up to the top you will be amazed to see the view of 80% of this beautiful country.

Lake Skadar

Known for its natural Beauty Lake Skadar is an area of 400km of pure beauty, with pristine calm water and surrounded by steep mountains and meadows of water lilies making this a nature lovers paradise. The area is also well loved by the locals and those who love to just enjoy the great outdoors. Today Lake Skadar is renowned as one of Europe’s top bird habitats with a large variety of birds living in and around the area. The small towns are Virpazar and Vranjina is full of local culture and heritage and are great to explore.


Return to Dubai for a Lot Less

Are you a tourist in the UAE? Admit it, no matter how hot Dubai gets during the summer, a huge part of you still dreads the day on which your visa expires, and you have to return home. We have all been there. Whether you wish to stay in the UAE with your loved ones, or solo, you are probably looking for the perfect UAE visa change package. We have it for you.


A to A Visa Change for Indians

We recommend that you go on an airport-to-airport exit. Our new offer includes both the 30 days visa change package and the 90 days visa change package. So, whether you think a single month extension would be sufficient, or if you want to immerse yourself into the Emirates for a whole three more months, you would be benefiting from our limited-time visa change rates which start from one thousand Dirhams.


Why avail the A to A visa change?

The first reason you would want to consider this offer is that on an A to A, you take a considerably shorter flight when exiting from the UAE (no spending 4 hours on a plane seat). Secondly, you will get to spend the entire summer with your friends or family in the country. This gives you time to go on as many adventures as you want, shop until you drop, lay on as many beaches as you can find, or even try something new – maybe try out some volunteer work. Whichever makes you happy?


Finally, and more importantly, you need to keep in mind that this price includes your new UAE tourist visa, plus a two-way flight ticket. Hence, you will not have to pay any additional expenses – unless you decide to get a snack or go on a shopping spree at the airport.

How Badly Do You Want Your UAE Visa Changed?

It is safe to say that a huge part of any trip you take will have to depend on your budget. When considering a visa change package from the UAE, you have many options that come at different costs. You budget here, however, does not only depend on how much money you have left. You need to keep in mind the budget you will set for your time in the Emirates after coming back from the visa change.


Let us consider the worst-case scenario; that is where you may not have much money left. It could also apply if you are planning on a spending spree on your return to Dubai. If that is the case, we recommend the Oman Visa Change by Bus.


What is Oman visa change by Bus?

You probably got it right from the name. This is where you get on a bus ride for a couple of hours all the way to the UAE-Oman border. As you cross the border, you send a snapshot of the exit stamp you just got on your passport to your trusted travel agent. You stay in Buraimi for a while, as your new UAE tourist visa is being processed. The visa to Oman in comparatively very cheap, and you save up on a plane ticket. Sounds great.


If you are on a somewhat tight budget but can afford an extra plane ticket, you can opt for one of these two options:

Airport to Airport Visa Change

All you pay for here is a two-way flight fare and your new tourist entry visa to the Emirates. It is also a pretty quick visa change process. You board the flight leaving Sharjah (or Dubai) and the next flight back. All you have to do is wait at the airport – inside the UAE – while you receive notice of your new visa approval.


Armenia Visa Change

The best part about the Dubai to Armenia exit is that Armenia provides visa-free entry to certain nationalities, including Filipinos. Accommodation is very affordable there, and if you go to some hostel with complete service and clean beds, you will even save hundreds on hotel rooms. So you can pay for your flight ticket, and the fun tours you would like to go on to explore the beautiful country of Armenia.


Got a looser budget? Go for the most fun exit packages. Those have you traveling to new destinations for a few days. They are vacations disguised in visa change packages! You have probably heard of an Azerbaijan Visa Change package, a Kyrgyzstan Visa Change packageand a Sri Lanka Visa Change package




These are the most popular destinations when it comes to visa change. However, the choice you make could depend on your budget, nationality (visa requirements), or your bucket list. Whichever it is, pick your most preferred destination and have your visa changed while you create priceless memories in a new exotic place.

The essential Visa travel guide – How to get a visa at the Airport

Planning a trip for yourself to the country of UAE can be a piece of cake for any of you. For any tourists who’d like to visit UAE can go through this guide and make it much easier.


There are nearly four types of visas you can apply in order to enter UAE.

  1. Tourist visa (Single entry or multiple entry):

Validity: 60 days for a long term visa and 30 days for a short term visa from the visa date of issue.

Duration: 30 days short term visa/90 days long term visa.


  1. Visit visa (Single entry or multiple entry):

Validity: 60 days from the date of issuance.

Duration: 30 days short term visa/90 days long term visa.

  1. Transit visa:

Validity: 14 days from the date of issuance.

Duration: 96 Hours.



  • The validity of the entry includes the date of issuance of the visa.
  • The total duration of stay includes the entry and the departure days as well.
  • Most of the UAE visas are non-extendable.
  • The visa fee is non-refundable.
  • It takes about 3-4 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) for the approval of the visa.
  • Only normal passport holders can apply for this visa.

If you require to stay in the country for a short period of time during a short stop over and want to explore UAE, but have no UAE sponsor or guarantor, then you can apply for a UAE transit visa.


If you’re at the airport for a period of 4 hours or lesser than that then you cannot apply for a UAE transit visa.

So, how does the transit visa work?

Transit visa is more likely a Special Entry visa that is permitted to any passenger traveling to Dubai with a stopover at any of the UAE airports for at least a minimum of 8 hours. The visa is valid for a period of 14 days and is non-extendable.


The Documents you require:

  • A clear and six months valid passport copy of the passenger traveling
  • Scanned and clear photograph of each passenger traveling.
  • Visa fee of AED 300.
  • An online visa application form.
  • Confirmed air tickets to the 3rd destination from UAE.
  • Confirmed hotel reservations.

The airline you’re traveling with should be the one arranging for your Transit visa prior to your travel to Dubai. However, if your airline is not providing you with a Transit visa, you can apply it via the Marhaba services in the UAE. Since the transit visa is an online or e-visa issued, you need not be physically present for that. Just the right documents would work!


What could you do with your transit visa?

Since your transit visa is issued for 4 days, you can indulge into many activities within the country of UAE.

  1. Dubai or Abu Dhabi City Tour that takes you across some of the finest locations of the country. Unarguably, the UAE has some architectural treasures that one must explore.
  2. Visit some of the theme parks or water parks in the UAE for some crazy and wild fun.
  3. The must to do – Dubai Desert Safari and Dhow Cruising.
  4. What’s life without shopping? Incomplete. Be it the traditional old souks or the massive shopping malls; UAE has got them all.


For more Tour information and details, you can visit the following link.